0Friday. 24th [March 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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24 March 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 24th [March 1911]. I went to lunch with Angela Reinelt at Hotel Victoria the others lunched also out. I had to rush home directly after lunch to receive Lord Kitchener who arrived by 1.50 train & I was home just in time. It seemed as if he had never left & one could hardly believe we had both been so many thousand miles in the interval. When he left here last November he had promised to come again on his return from his shooting tour in Egypt– I had had a letter from him written from Khartoum & since that we had had no communication as my telegram of last Saty never reached him & having each of us been to Egypt & back we had punctually kept the tryst. I took him out at once in gondola shopping– He resumed his search for stonework for the embellishment of the country house he has lately bought near Dover– We went to look for Sig. Ongaro the superintendent of the works at the Ducal Palace but he was not to be found at his office there– Then we came back to Moise Dalla Torre where a stone doorway is being arranged for him. All this took some time as there was much discussion as to measurements &c. We dined at 7 as there was a concert in the evening in Piazza of combined Italian & German bands to which the Biddulphs & Eda went– After a fine day it became cold & wet so Lord K., Mr Arbuthnot & I remained at home.

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