0Wednesday. 29th [March 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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29 March 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 29th [March 1911]. We all breakfasted together at 9 & Eda took off Capt. Fitzgerald to the Corres Museum to show him a picture of Doge Morosini that Lord K. is going to have copied with variations to put in his house Broome. They had just time to go there & to return in time to leave by the train de luxe at 11.45 a.m. Lord K. remained as to prepare for the start. As a parting remembrance I presented him with a large old Venetian brass inkstand which I had bought here in the winter. We chaffed him & said he had now a country house with a doorway without a door a spinet & an inkstand so he could settle down at once! He & Capt. Fitzgerald went off to the station at 11—& we felt quite sad when they were gone. In the afternoon I took my remaining guest Mr Arbuthnot out in gondola. We went to the Piazza & met Eda & the Whitakers & we had tea sitting out before Lavenas shop. On getting home I found that Marchese Gentile Farinola (Toles) had called in my absence. Eda, Mr A. & I dined with the Whitakers to take leave of Miss Hanbury Tracy who leaves tomorrow for England. I went to tell Toles to join me at the Whitakers after dinner & he did so & will come & spend the day with me tomorrow.

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