0Tuesday. 11th [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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11 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 11th [April 1911]. Princess Stephanie came to lunch with us at 12.30 alone. The Count joined her afterwards & they went to the station to leave by the 2.30 train for Vienna. She renewed her invitation to me to pay her a visit at Oroszvar & I promised to go later on. The Ct brought me a large bouquet of carnations. The weather was lovely & the sunshine cheered our hearts. Directly the Pss had left I went off in gondola to the Palazzo Contarini at Madonna dell’Orto where the Humphrey Johnson had invited me to luncheon to meet a Mr & Mrs Ward (U.S.). I had to put off going to that meal in order to entertain Pss Stephanie but I joined the party before they left the table. Mr Ward was the representative of Baring Bros. in American & would be interesting to talk to if it were not for his deafness & the use of an ear trumpet which is a damper– On leaving here I went to meet Eda on the Piazza—& we returned home together. Countess Schlick & her nephew Prince Thurn & Taxis came to tea at 5 & Princess Clary called– Ct Golowkinsky (formerly Austrian Minister for F.A.) whom I did not know, wrote to ask to see the pictures here—so I sent him word to come to tea as I thought it would please him, & help me, to meet his compatriots. He is the regular type of the old diplomat with white hair & whiskers speaking perfect French. He was delighted with our pictures & was full of wonder at the many fine specimens. The young Prince T-T also went round the collection with pleasure. In the evening I received as usual on Tuesday—being Holy Week very few people came.

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