0Tuesday. 9th [May 1911]—3 Savile Row
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9 May 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Tuesday. 9th [May 1911]. Drove in afternoon with the girls. C. Wyld came to stay. Bessboro’ & Lord Kitchener came to dinner—the first time I had seen him [since] he was with me at Venice. Very cordial & pleasant. We dined at 7.30 as Nela was going to the Court to be presented on her appointment as lady in waiting to Princess Christian. I am very pleased at the success of my recommendation of her for that post. She looked very handsome in a grey dress & puce train. She had to be off at 8.30 as the Court are now held early in the evening & she was back here as we were going to bed at 11. After dinner had a long talk with Lord K. about his new place Broome Park for which he made so many purchases at Venice. It appears he is going to remodel the interior entirely raising the ceiling of the ground floor to heighten the rooms & put in iron girders in place of wood– The new porch is coming from Venice an old doorway adapted. He talked of the coming visit of the King to be crowned in India & said he had advised him make no speech at the Durbar coronation to let it be a thing of their days & to make the native Princes humble themselves before him that he must enact of sort of “God Almighty” in order to impress the people of their countries. He told us that at the Kings Coronation here he carries the sword of state & drew a funny picture of himself in his robes & spurs & sword holding the state sword aloft catching his spurs in his robes & coming down on his nose cutting his head in two. He promises me 2 good places in the Lords stand to see the procession pass & on leaving bid me make any use of him I could. He chaffed Eda as was his wont in Venice & was very nice & cheery. He & Bessboro’ discussed Lord Lansdowne’s speech in the Lords today & agreed that it was very feeble & would probably lead to nothing. It had given general dissatisfaction.

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