0Monday. 15th [May 1911]—3 Savile Row
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15 May 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Monday. 15th [May 1911]. The Wylds returned to stay with me. The Dss of Somerset came to see me in the morning & persuaded me to go to lunch with her so I went & met Lord & Lady Bute—an insignificant looking pair, Lady Muriel Paget & several other people– Returned home directly after to bid Eda Alderson good bye as she was returning home to Lutterworth. I am very sorry to lose my companion of the last 4 months—she is so cheery and capable. She is unfortunately rather deaf but we have found her an electric appliance on the telephone system which promises to be a great help– I drove with Eda & we went to the Chamberlain’s office in St James Palace to ask for a ticket for me to see tomorrow’s ceremony of the unveiling of the monument to Q. Victoria. Bessboro’ dined with us—had just come from the H. of Lords to hear the debate on the reform of that house & is very perturbed at Lord Lansdowne’s feeble proposals.

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