0Tuesday. 16th [May 1911]—3 Savile Row
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16 May 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Tuesday. 16th [May 1911]. Miss Emily Loch, Nela’s colleague at Pss Christian’s came here at 10.30 & she, Nela & I went to see the unveiling of Q. Victoria’s monument. Happily it was a fine day tho’ hot & thunder threatened. I sat in a different stand to Nela & Miss L. but I found many people I knew– There were many empty seats—& everything was very well ordered. At 11.55 the King, Queen, Kaiser and all the Royalties walked out of Buckingham Palace in procession & took seats on a raised platform—there were speeches & prayers & singing by choir boys all of what I only heard vaguely as I was someway off. I noticed that the whole crowd of spectators was quite silent & took off their hats during the prayers. After the ceremony there was a march past of small detachments of troops & then all was over– There are many different opinions as to the merits of the monument. One was a seated figure placed on high at a disadvantage it being foreshortened & as yet the whole thing is too white & new for our dingy London climate & the Palaces form a dirty & ugly background. We got away quite easily found our carriage in the Mall & got home to lunch to which old Mr Griscom came– Drove with Nela– Dined with Bessboroughs.

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