0Monday. 5th [June 1911]—Springfield Lodge, nr. Dorking, Surrey
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5 June 1911 — Springfield Lodge, nr. Dorking, Surrey
Monday. 5th [June 1911]. We breakfasted & lunched in the garden under the spreading oak tree & sat there all the morning. Blanche took me over to Deepdene in the afternoon as she was anxious I should see the rhododendrons which are in full flower. The place is now hired by Mr & Mrs Almeric Paget. We found them sitting out in the garden having tea & playing bridge. Rita & Myles were carried off to play tennis. Mrs Paget sent Blanche & me round the grounds to see the rhodos & gave us a little poney chaise to wh Blanche availed herself. The view from the Temple on the top of the hill is magnificent. A Miss Wyndham accompanied us. She told me she was born in Canada at Alberta & is soon returning there—that she is engaged to marry a Mr Cadogan & that his health being bad she is advised to wait another year before marrying him & she is therefore going to her parents in Canada. I heard afterwards that the young man has taken to drink & is the son of Lord Cadogan—so thus the marriage is virtually broken off. One is very sorry for the girl who is pretty & gentle & attractive. She asked me if I thought the year would pass quickly. Poor child! It is a sad story. When we returned from the garden we found a large party had come over in a motor, Lord & Lady Savile, the Dss of Manchester & Princess Teano—& that music was going on. Two girls called Harrison were playing one the violin the other the ’cello very well—& a Mrs Brownrigg sang Italian operatic airs with a well taught soprano voice & so we stayed on some time till it was past 7 & we returned to Springfield in time for dinner.

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