0Tuesday. 6th [June 1911]—Springfield Lodge, nr. Dorking, Surrey
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6 June 1911 — Springfield Lodge, nr. Dorking, Surrey
Tuesday. 6th [June 1911]. Myles was leaving by a 10 a.m. train so I got him to drop me at Milton Ct Lodge as he drove to the station & I payed Mrs Rate a visit. She was sitting in a shelter in the garden where I sat with her for an hour—& then walked across the fields to Springfield. Blanche read to me from the mother’s unpublished journals, in her bedroom—bringing back many old memories—mostly very painful for they recount endless quarrels with our stepfather “Schrei” as we called him. After lunch my electric brougham arrived for me & took me & Rita up to town. I had to be home as I expected 6 to dinner—they all failed me but one—Capt. FitzGerald (Lord Kitchener’s ADC) however we had a pleasant little chat & he left me early to go to a ball & I went to bed–

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