0Friday. 9th [June 1911]—3 Savile Row
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9 June 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Friday. 9th [June 1911]. The heat all this week past has been tremendous. Clara Montalba came to lunch also Nora Hallé, Mrs Rodman Griscom & Aline Lambton. Nellie Wyld also being in town for the day—quite a hen party! Went afterwards with Nora to order the proper head gear for a Marie Stuart dress for me to wear at the great Shakespeare Ball to wh I am going on 20th with Blanche. As I habitually wear a little M. Stuart coif of a small size—I have only to have one much larger & to wear also a ruff so I shall not feel too dressed up. There will be a great crowd—the Albert Hall will be full & the sight ought to be a fine one. I came in to tea & Blanche joined me after which we took a walk together. I dined with Mr & Mrs Leonard Cunliffe—a large party in a rather small house 12 Chester St. A Secy of the Spanish Embassy conducted me to dinner & was pleasant. After dinner there was music. A French tenor who came over today from Paris to be heard—a good but not sympathetic voice. Blanche fetched me at 10.30 & we went together to Rosie Ridleys party in Carlton House Terrace there there was also music—but comic & to my taste vulgar—music hall singers—funny of course– The house is a fair one & lately rearranged—with great luxury & pomp. Not a very large party—& very select—women well dressed– Of course lots of our family were there.

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