0Monday. 26th [June 1911]—Aboard Albion, Southampton
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26 June 1911 — Aboard Albion, Southampton
Monday. 26th [June 1911]. The yacht went up & down the lines to see the ships. On the 1st line were the foreign battle ships & amongst them the San Marc which had been at Venice & on board of wh is the silk flag wh had been presented by the ladies of Venice & blessed at St Mark’s. We had not been up all the lines when one of the Albion’s turbines broke down & we had to proceed to Southampton & there disembarked & went by train abt 12 back to London again having an excellent luncheon. Found Eda Alderson & Nela had had a splendid day at the Review—leaving London at 5 a.m. & getting back after midnight. They had been on a tender with Arthur Murray (Nela’s nephew & in the navy). We had much to tell each other.

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