0Tuesday. 4th [July 1911]—3 Savile Row
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4 July 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Tuesday. 4th [July 1911]. We three drove down to Windsor taking my sister Connie with us to see the Boy Scouts’ Review in Windsor Park. There we met Nelly & Charlie Wyld & their little girl who had driven over from Uxbridge & Charlie took us into the officers’ stand where we had good seats. It was a most interesting sight to see 35000 of the youth of England assembled for the defence of their King & Country. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves vastly. When the King appeared on horseback with Sir Baden Powell & the Queen followed in her carriage accompanied by Princess Christian the scouts cheered loudly. They showed off their various feats—they lighted their fires for bivouac, the medical corps took off their neckties & with their long sleeves made litters & carried away their (pretence) dead & wounded &c. Then the King & Q. went all round the lines on a tour of inspection after which they returned to the standard & the boys gave cheers raising their caps aloft on their staves & cheering to the top of their young voices with the greatest enthusiasm & with the playing of God save the King the review ended & the King & Queen went off. The crowd of spectators quickly followed. We rushed off to find our carriage. It was drawn up hard by with others in a place allotted by the police—but we did not get away soon eno’ to avoid the line of scouts marching to the tents where food was provided for a large portion of them. We saw Genl Baden Powell amongst them cheered in a frenetic manner by the boys. At last we got back to Windsor which was teeming with scouts many buying food in the town & all looking radiant. We drove to the Visitors entrance of the Castle & paid a visit to Mlle Dussau who had asked me to come. I had not been inside the building since Henry & I dined & spent the night in the days of Q. Victoria in the “eighties.” Princess Mary came in for a little while—a gentle fair girl with her hair not yet put up being still at the age to wear it hanging down her back. After a short visit we went off to drive back to London—dropping Connie in Knightsbridge as she was returning home to Chester Sqr. The electricity in the carriage gave out near there & we had to get out & transfer ourselves to a taxi to get home. I had just time to change my dress & to go on to dine with Corise Rodney on Cumberland Place at 8.15. There was happily no party only her two boys & a niece, I was tired after the long day’s work & glad to get home early to bed.

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