0Thursday. 24th August [1911]—3 Savile Row
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24 August 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Thursday. 24th August [1911]. I left 3 Savile Row with Nellie & Charlie Wyld by 8.45 train from Paddington for Fishguard. The railway strike was well over & the trains are running up to time. It was only at Llanelly that there was a camp & soldiers to be seen who had been called in to help to put an end to the disorders caused by the mob. On reaching Waterford the Wylds parted from me & went to stay with Irene & Jack Congreve & I went on to Fiddown to stay with the Bessboroughs. On asking for my luggage at Fiddown I found it has been left behind at Waterford! & it only reached me by bed time so thus I had to dine in my travelling dress. Connie is staying here also Revd Mr Stogden (Bertie’s friend). Bertie, Vere & Gweneth complete the party.

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