0Monday. 28th [August 1911]—Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
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28 August 1911 — Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
Monday. 28th [August 1911]. This morning’s post brought me a nice letter from Lord Kitchener saying he cannot come to Venice this autumn but that he will come to see me when I return to London to start for Venice on 10th as he is leaving for his post at Cairo on 16th Sept. Connie left with Mr Stogden by 10.30 train for Rosslare-London. Finer weather & hope they will have a good crossing. In the afternoon I drove over to the Congreves with Edward in the motor & we brought back with us the Wylds who are to spend the rest of their holiday here. We spent a very pleasant visit at Bessborough quite quiet—driving sometimes in poney carriage with Blanche or her daughter Gweneth, helping Vere to paint his scenery and taking walks in the gardens. The flowers this year of unusual heat are splendid & blooms fuller than I ever saw. The drought in England has burnt up the country so much that the fields are brown & bare. The harvest is over long before the usual time—but here in Ireland the country is beautifully green & the foliage of the trees splendid. The new interest of the place Bessboro’ is the figure set up in the middle of a fountain just made in the garden in front of the house. It is a nude boy kneeling and looking down into the water & is by one King who had lately also done a bust of Vere Ponsonby. It is very graceful. Edward is much better from his attack of sciatica and gets about well altho’ still he walks a bit stiff & lame. Charlie Wyld left on Sept 4 for London & Nellie & I followed on Sept 7.

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