0Thursday. 7th September [1911]—Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
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7 September 1911 — Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
Thursday. 7th September [1911]. We had a perfect crossing & got to 3 Savile Row abt 10 p.m. where Charlie awaited us. I was sorry to leave Blanche standing sadly at the station of Fiddown. It is good to be together again—& the members of our family are now half what they were nearly—for poor Ivor’s state is a kind of living death. Blanche read to me often bits from my mothers journals which have been typed & bound. They reveal a side of her character wh was totally unknown to her children & is a revelation to us. Blanche is also a remarkable woman in her way—most capable & active. Still looks young slight & pretty & in her quiet way manages a large household & gardens without effort—with an even temper & quiet manner & has brought up her large family admirably. The house is run in the old fashion of comfort & in the morning before breakfast the master of the house reads daily prayers before the assembled servants. I counted 17 of them most days. It is a pity that this custom is not more generally kept up. On Sundays all also go to church dressed quietly in black. Lord Bessborough or one of his sons read the lessons of the day to help the clergyman & also hand the plate after the service– The only daughter now left unmarried Gweneth goes to early Sunday school & sings in the quire at the service. Irène is married happily to a gentleman who lives 9 miles away & the Elder one (Onie) is settled in Co. Clare & has a charming young family.

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