0Tuesday. 12th [September 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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12 September 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 12th [September 1911]. This afternoon abt 7 Sir Edward Poynter P.R.A. & his son Hugh & wife arrived from Como where they have been, to stay with me—so that I only had 24 hours solitude. Sir Edward is such an old friend & I had been very fond of his wife. Since her death he has suffered from glaucoma & had both his eyes operated on. He is a good aged & moves with uncertain gait in consequence. He is delighted to return to Venice & is devoted to the memory of my husband– He is very quiet & not much of a talker, neither is his son Hugh—but the wife of the latter makes up for that. She is an American with no shyness—clever, something older than her husband and is very devoted to him. They remained with me till the end of the week– Two evenings we went to the Piazza to hear the band play & we took gondola airings in the afternoons– One day to the Eden’s garden & to the Hospital where Sister Chaffey gave us tea in the afternoon in the little garden– Sir Edward was very happy in his quiet way going again round to see places he knew when he was young & active. He left here by 2 o’cl train for Como where he is now staying to paint on

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