0Wednesday. 20th [September 1911]—Salce, Belluno
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20 September 1911 — Salce, Belluno
Wednesday. 20th [September 1911]. Day passed as yesterday– After lunch Carry Eden & I sat & worked at bead necklaces while we gossiped. Mme Wiel brought her sister Mrs Portman, recently a widow & her son Lord de Vesci over to tea & I accompanied them back on foot for some way. One day Carry Eden & I drove in the afternoon to Col Vago to see Clara Montalba & her sisters & found them with a dainty tea table prepared for 5 o’cl tea and we joined them at that refreshment. The big grey persian cat insisted upon sitting on my lap all the while & the tame bullfinch was brought & his cage hung up near. Mr Montalba was out & we could not wait for his return as we did not like to leave Mr Eden long alone—blind as he now is. The villa they now (the M’s) inhabit in summer belonged to Goldoni’s sister & the room he slept in is shown. It used to contain his bed but it was sent to the Exhibition at Rome now going on & was there bought for a large sum of money. The day after we went to Col Vago was very wet & stormy but Mr Montalba came over & paid us a visit and had tea with us & was very talkative & amusing. He is a good soul—& has a wonderful appearance especially when he is on his country get up—thick white woollen suit—knickerbockers, wool stockings, & boots. He went off back on foot to Belluno where he was to spend the night.

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