0Saturday. 7th [October 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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7 October 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 7th [October 1911]. I had settled to go off to Bologna to pay a visit to Donna Laura Minghetti– Yesterday a telegram from Lady W. Gore announced her arrival here on Tuesday—so I answered that I expect her that day & Nela & I went off to Bologna with the intention of returning Tuesday. We started by 10 a.m. train & arrived at 2 met by Eduardo the faithful servant at Mezzaratta. We had rather a fright on the journey near Ferrara as the train swayed violently & then came to a stand still. The engine driver had not seen a signal put up where some repairs to the line had been going on & had driven at a great pace over the dangerous spot thereby putting us into great danger. Baker got a severe blow on her arm. We found Donna Laura waiting luncheon for us & with her Ing. Raffaello                our “Fraticello” to the Convent was in full swing– Donna L. Minghetti the Madre Badessa & I, Sor Angelica. Nela was declared to be included owing to her likeness to an angel painted by Melozzi de Forti.

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