0Monday. 9th [October 1911]—Mezzaratta, Bologna
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9 October 1911 — Mezzaratta, Bologna
Monday. 9th [October 1911]. A little before 10 Da Laura came to my room ready to start off on an expedition into the town. She & I drove to the foot of the hill in her little poney cart & then took the train to the Piazza– Nela & the Fraticello went off sight seeing & Donna Laura & I walked off to Romboldi the antiquary shop. We saw many things but nothing to tempt us. Old things are becoming rare & anything good goes for high prices & is quickly snapped up. From Rombaldi’s we walked to other small shops with the same results & then returned to the Piazza to get the train which took us back to Mezzaratta in time for 12.30 lunch when the Prefect joined us. He was jolly & Da Laura very en train & they were very amusing. When he was gone & Da L. had gone to take her after lunch siesta I walked down the hill to the Villa Caldesi to call on Mme Caldesi whom I found at home. She lives in a cidevant convent & has a large garden at the back of it. She is English & Protestant. I had promised Mr Price to call on her. He had buried her son in law last year & he was a help to her when her grand children were to be confirmed. I returned to Da Laura by 5 o’cl & we had tea in the “bow window” at the end of her long drawing room wh has a view over some hills & reminds one of the landscape of an old cinque cento picture.

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