0Sunday. 5th November [1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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5 November 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 5th November [1911]. Morning church– At 3 went to the Piazza to meet the Architect of the Campanile. He took us into the Ducal Pal. & showed us the remains of the statues &c belonging to the old campanile & then took us to the top of the new Campanile wh he has had the joy of building. The top is still in a very unfinished state, the bells are not yet hung altho’ they are in their places ready. It was unfortunately rather a foggy day so that we could not make out the distance islands & the entrance to the port very well. But the view looking down on the town is curious—not one small canal to be seen, & the whole thing sharply cut out as in Jacobs de Barbari’s plan. The band was playing in the Piazza which was full of people who appeared like ants creeping about. The sound of the music came up clearly & well. Sigr Arbib had arranged for our ascent & met & accompanied us. Lady Egerton took us all to have tea at Lavena’s on the Piazza after our expedition—the Whitakers were of the party.

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