0Saturday. 25th [November 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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25 November 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 25th [November 1911]. Directly after breakfast Miss Chaffey called me up on the telephone to say she had just heard that Mr Richard Davey died this morning at the Pal. Vendramin Katergi. It was not expected altho’ one knew he was ailing. I went off in gondola at 11 to see if I could be of use to his wife. I found her calm & dry eyed– Miss Chaffey & Christie were there helping to arrange things—& when all was in order Mrs Davey was led in & I after her & we knelt by the bed– I am such a coward that I covered my eyes & saw but little except a form & quantities of flowers. Miss Fletcher from Pal. Capello Rio Marin came later to stay the night. Mr Davey’s secy Mr Durham was there helping to make all the arrangements– I went back again in the afternoon & found Mr Durham wanted money so I brought him home with me & supplied him. Mr Davey was R.C. & the ceremonies are to be in the Church of San Marcuola—& he is to be buried in the R.C. part of the cemetery. After lunch I had a long visit from Count Grimani our Sindaco. He wanted me to lend a Genl Maranesi papers referring to Cortelazzo of Vicenza the artist in gold & silver inlay on steel who was protected by my husband. I showed him a bust I had made of Cortelazzo & offered to present it to the Museum of Vicenza. We agreed that the Count should say that the General might come here to see the papers. I told the Count I had heard 2 days ago from Lord Kitchener praising young Grimani (the Ct’s son) who is chargé d’affaires in Cairo. I wrote a long letter to Lord Kitchener by this post telling him that Arbib has found out that the work being done here for Broome the steps to complete the portico are really in hand. The 3 girls went out after dinner to the Wolkoffs & I to bed.

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