0Monday. 11th [December 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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11 December 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 11th [December 1911]. Julia Du Cane left by the morning train for Rome where she will pay a visit to Ola her sister who is now matron of the Anglo American Nursing Home in that city– Yesterday Sunday I went to the meeting of the Blue Cross Institution as I am on the Committee. I had understood that it was to be held at the Municipio so I went there but finding my mistake I ran on foot to St Stefano & found it in the great Pal. Morosini. The President good Sra Pezzè Pascolato manages the Blue Cross admirably & she read out the past year’s work. She is so practical & such a good organiser that all classes respect her. I asked her to come on to the Committee of our hospital wh she agreed to do. I went to the service at the Sailor’s Institute in the evening. Today Monday evening my dear friend Sophy Countess de Franqueville arrived from Rome to stay with me. She got here at 10 p.m. It is a joy having her, she is so charming & clever– Has made herself beloved by her husband’s family & has a place in French society. Tho’ married to an ardent R.C. she has remained a good Protestant.

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