0Friday. 15th [December 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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15 December 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 15th [December 1911]. Count de Franqueville arrived by early morng train to join his wife, from Rome & on Monday 18th they left for Paris. I continued having mud applications to my hands until a couple of days before Christmas. Also worked at enamelling but every thing I did was a failure & there is nothing to show for it—in fact it has been a great waste of time. We had also our preparations to make for Christmas. I entertained the English colony as usual– We sat down 21 to dinner, Mrs Curtis & her nephew Mr Latimer, Revd & Mrs Price, Mr & Mrs Humphrey Johnston, 2 Miss Wests, Miss Chaffey, Mr Woods R.A., Mr Montalba, Mr Bond, Mr & Mrs & 2 Miss Hulton, Charles & Nora Hallé, old Mr Hardcastle who has come to Venice for a time—this with Eda & myself made a party of 21. The English cook I had brought from England gave us a British feed of beef, Turkey & plum puddings– Giuseppe managed the waiting at table with the help of Ricardo our gondolier & Mrs Curtis’ “Angelino” & all went merrily– In the evening in spite of pouring rain a great many of the English & Americans joined us & I had a cinematograph performance in the long sala which was a novelty in a private house & much appreciated—& after refreshments & punch we retired to rest well earned rest. Christmas is a fatiguing day. Beginning with morning service at 10.30. We lunched with Mrs Curtis paid a visit to Baroness Reinelt who has just returned to her rooms in the Hotel Victoria. Went at 3.30 to the Carol service at the church. Looked in on the hospital afterwards.

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