0Sunday. 3rd February 1861—Cambridge
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3 February 1861 — Cambridge
Sunday. 3rd February 1861. It was a lovely showery day when we got up wh tempted us to open the window but mama made us shut it immediately. As soon as we were dressed we set off to Augustus’ rooms for breakfast wh was arranged to be at eleven ocl. We found Arthur and Monty at home. We had thick chocolate and sausages with curry & rice and everything else that was good. After breakfast I, the mother, Major F & Mr W. Hamilton went to chapel at Kings we met Mr Dawson Daymer & C. Hambro who joined us. The singing at Kings Chapel is very celebrated but I was very much disappointed as it was not half so fine as that in St Georges—Windsor– After service we went to the gallery to see the people in Hall, wh was a very curious sight and there Mamma walked me & Major Hamilton up & down the backs and showed some of the finest colleges and about 6 oclock we returned to the boys rooms and then went to Trinity chapel. That was indeed a sight! more than 300 young men in their white surplices all kneeling or standing up at the same moment! I liked the singing here better than at Kings. After prayers I, the mother & Sch went to “Stand up” at Clarks (the tutor) where I saw Day, the Hennikers, Charles Kingsley & one or two others. Having staid there an hour we proceeded to “the rooms” where we were regaled with cold supper and then we returned to the Bull, Merthyr going with us & leaving us at the door. On going up stairs to the sitting room we remarked rather a curious looking man leaning against the wall who, as clutched hold of Mrs Berties arm as she passed & yelled in my face. In a dreadful fright we rushed into the sitting room roused Mr Schreiber who was there asleep in the armchair. Mr Sch. got up and enquired of the waiter what was the matter with man. The waiter answered that he was lodging in the Hotel & had been out to dinner & come home in a state of inebriation. Presently the Hennikers popped out of their sitting room wh adjoined ours and we had quite a party on the staircase, we then proceeded to our rooms & fell asleep not without dreaming of our little adventure–

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