0Tuesday. 9th April 1861—Exeter House, Roehampton
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9 April 1861 — Exeter House, Roehampton
Tuesday. 9th April 1861. I was called at 7½ and had breakfast in bed with Kate for the last time. We did not get up very early and were only just dressed in time. The day was lovely and tho’ the wind was E. the sun was very warm. We had two carriages besides our own at 10 punctually. Kate looked lovely. Her gown was white silk, cut low, she wore a wreath & lace veil. The bridesmaids were 9 in number viz. us 3, 2 Miss Aldersons, Mary & Evy Gordon, and Mary & Elizabeth. We wore white grenadine muslin gowns over mauve tarlatan the skirts trimmed with 5 rows of mauve & white tarlatan sashes, White tulle bonnets with mauve chrysanthemums. The service began punctually at eleven. We found the vestry crammed full of friends & relations. There was no time to spare as there were two weddings before—& one after Kates. In fact before we could get back into the vestry we were asked to stand back in order to let the other “party” go past. The two brides jostled each other and nearly stuck in the doorway. The service concluded we drove back to Exeter Hse and the breakfast began at 1½ ocl. When we had been at breakfast about ¼ an hour, the bride withdrew to change her dress and then began the speechifying. Schreiber proposed the health of the bride & bridegroom. Cecil responded & proposed “The bridesmaids & best man” (E. Ashley) E. Ashley returned thanks in a facetious & comical speech all of wh I gather is this little anecdote. In looking over a note book (at some place nr the falls of Niagara) in wh travellers wrote their observations on the falls he read this: Next to the joy of seeing Sara / Is that of seeing Ni-a-ga-ra. As soon as the speeches were over I went up to call Kate to cut the 1st slice of wedding cake. Her dress was a dark blue silk trimmed with black. A white lama burnoose trimmed with blue ribbon & a white chip bonnet trimmed with cornflowers. Having cut the cake the pair repaired to their carriage and drove off amidst a shower of old shoes & benedictions. We then went out on the lawn & came back to hear Kuhe play & then to dance.

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