0Friday. 29th November 1861—Isle of Wight
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29 November 1861 — Isle of Wight
Friday. 29th November 1861. Having had breakfast at 7 o’clock we started off to catch the 8 o’clock steamer at Yarmouth. It was a misty, drizzling kind of morning & we were immediately driven into the cabin. It being rather rough we felt the motion a good deal & both the mother & myself felt rather squeamish. When we arrived at Lymington we took a little sherry & felt all the better– Arrived at Brockenhurst a stranger young lady was put under our protection as far as Waterloo where we parted with her– We arrived in town at 2.30 & went straight to 7 Suffolk St for luncheon & then proceeded to do our shopping having only ¾ hours to do every thing. I went and ordered my wreath for the Trinity ball (lilac roses & silver wheat ears). We made a dash to reach the station and caught the train by 2 mins, but to our dismay Mr Sch: had not arrived and we could not muster money enough to take our own tickets. However we got into the train & just at the last moment Sch: rushed up and had just time to get in before we left. We got to Cambridge at 7.30, went to the Bull Inn, Trumpington St, had tea & then dressed for the party at the Lodge. HRH. The Prince of Wales had been dining there and there was some singing & playing afterwards to wh we were invited. Lady Henniker & her daughters were there (they were staying with Lady Affleck.) When we had been there about ¼ hour HRH came up from the dining room & Lady Affleck took the mother to be introduced to him. He was very polite & affable, asked about Augustus & Arthur & then walked into the 2nd drawing room the mother following him then me & the rest of the company. Music & singing then began. Helen Henniker sang amongst others, Sir Fred. Ouseley played. His playing is very remarkable and very fine– Towards the end of the evening Lady Affleck introduced me to HRH. He talked to me about my brothers—enquiring after Augustus who had sprained his ancle & remarked that Arthur had changed his college. He shortly after left wh was the signal for everybody else to retire.

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