0Sunday. 1st December 1861—Cambridge
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1 December 1861 — Cambridge
Sunday. 1st December 1861. Had breakfast with Arthur at his rooms in Peterhouse we got there before he was up & met Mr Mott etc– He has very nice rooms & we had a very good breakfast, Arthur amused us by appearing in a gorgeous Indian dress embroidered in gold– After breakfast we went for a walk in the backs & Mr Preston amused us by trying to convince Car Churchill that Cam. was better & prettier than Oxford– We afterwards went to Kings Chapel & the singing was very fine– Tea at “the rooms” & then we went to Trinity Chapel—after chapel Merthyr made us walk round Nevilles court to see the flitting ghost and hear the echo wh is very remarkable. Supper at “the rooms” finished the day & we then returned to the Bull & went to bed. We met Henry Bankes at supper & he promised to take us round the town the next day–

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