0Monday. 2nd December 1861—Cambridge
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2 December 1861 — Cambridge
Monday. 2nd December 1861. True to his promise Mr Bankes came to fetch us & took us to the Library where we saw the tanned skin of a man– Miltons autograph & all the curiosities there– He was most amusing & we were very sorry when we were obliged to return to the Bull at 2 oclock. We stopped at home until the eveng when we went to dine at Clarks in Nevilles Court. It was a very slow dinner, Lady Henniker & her sons, our party & Mrs & Miss Gaskell were there—at nine oclock Augustus came to fetch us to go to the ball given by Trinity freshmen to HRH. We were amongst the first arrivals & had time to look about & see the beauties of the room. It was papered with white & gold fleur de lys with hangings of white muslin over pink, and lighted up with wax candles. There were looking glasses hung round the room wh had a very pretty effect. HRH arrived at about ten & walked up to the end of the room. He shook hands with his acquaintance with the mother & myself among the number– He opened the ball with Lady Affleck (not with Lady A. Yorke as the paper said) & I danced every dance except the quadrille. It was a tremendous crush & I got very much stamped upon– I had the honour of dancing with HRH (the lancers)—he talked about Augustus & Arthur & their acting etc– He danced until half past five in the morning. They say that he was up & into Cambridge at ten oclock to Sedgwicks lecture the same morning–

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