0Tuesday. 3rd December [1861]—Cambridge
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3 December 1861 — Cambridge
Tuesday. 3rd December [1861]. We were called at 8 oclock & went to breakfast with Augustus previous to starting to see the steeple chase wh took place at the Downing Arms 13 miles out of Cam– As we were driving along & talking of our last nights amusements HRH passed us on his little white poney & took off his hat to us. He rode about here & there the whole day & seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly. Oddly enough he had occasion to salute us 5 times during the day. A message came to us from young Rothschild begging we would go to luncheon with HRH at the neighbouring farm house. Wh we of course accepted– Augustus’ foot was well enough to enable him to ride about & superintend the racing. He had 3 horses running and won the cup & a whip. Frank Smith rode home by the side of the carriage & came in to tea with us at the Bull. On the way home we passed a dog cart wh had been overturned– We passed a very quiet eveng & only heard distant sounds of music & toasts of the members of the Quere Hec who were having dinner.

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