0Wednesday. 4th December [1861]—Cambridge
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4 December 1861 — Cambridge
Wednesday. 4th December [1861]. We did not go anywhere in the morng. The Bankes & Hambros came to see us in the morng. Nearly everybody went down to a ball at Thornham for Helens birthday. Mr & Mrs Bankes went to see Deerfoot run & we also went. HRH was there and we passed quite close to him but the sun being in my eyes I did not see him– I saw him on the ground constantly. A ¼ mile ring was marked out on the cricket ground round wh the runners ran. We saw it all from a stand erected for ladies and had a very good view. The prince & his suite (Augustus amongst them) stood inside the ring the other side of the runners– He staid until nearly the end and then went home– We did nothing that eveng. Major Churchill came & sat with us in the eveng & we went to bed early–

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