0Wednesday. 14th [March 1877]—Cordova
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14 March 1877 — Cordova
Wednesday. 14th [March 1877]. Tea at 9 & then went out to the cathedral. Found that 2 large poplars entwined with roses in the cathedral patio had been cut down! After spending sometime in the cathedral went to the silversmiths quarters—there found a nice old silver pot of 15th cen: wh I bought for 400rs. Saw a fine répoussé plate with angel driving Adam & Eve from Paradise—for wh he asked £120. Went back to hotel– Breakfasted. Started by 2. train for Cadiz. Had to change at Seville (empalme) junction– But the Marques of Casa Loring had ordered us a saloon carriage. We met at Seville station Sr Gandara– Made our tea & had it before starting in the carriage. Our saloon was a brake & put at the end of the train so we saw all the country & even after it got dark we put on warm cloaks & sat out side till we reached Cadiz at 10.30. Met by Civil Govr Alcalde, & V. Consul MacPherson. Went to Hotel de Paris– Tea & Bed.

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