0Thursday. 15th [March 1877]—Cadiz
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15 March 1877 — Cadiz
Thursday. 15th [March 1877]. The V.C. Mr MacPherson came to fetch us & we took a walk in the town & went to the church of Los Capucinos the ex convent of S. Francesco– Saw there Murillos last work the marriage of St Catherine– While working at it he fell from the scaffold & died of the injuries he recd. The pictures has been over cleaned in parts & much spoilt– Composition good & some good figures of angels. Also saw Murillo’s S. Francesco—the picture of his I like the best. This badly lighted but in good preservation. We went on to the Cathedral La Nueva—of very bad proportions being high & narrow & the choir placed quite at the further end of the church– The choir came from the Cartuja of Seville now Pickman’s china manufactory but it is not of very good date. We saw the church plate—a very handsome gold custollea with Emeralds & pears set in it—& a few gothic crosses & dishes. We came back to the hotel & rested. Then at 5 while we were talking we heard a great braying in the streets & looking out we beheld a procession & a crowd & it was announced that the Alcalde & Ayuntamiento had arrived to pay Henry an official visit & they came in state preceeded by 2 mounted police, then 2 mounted Trumpeters in scarlet & gold—the first carriage contained 2 more bearers in crimson velvet gowns with caps to match trimmed with white ostrich feathers & silver maces in their hands—then came 3 carriages each containing 2 gentlemen en frac with yellow kid gloves. One a stouter old gentleman addressed us in English having he said been brought up in the U.S. The Alcalde The Marquis de Santo Domingo de Guzman (Sr Bresca) is Pickman’s son in law. While they were with us the 2 mace bearers & 2 officials in blue & gold uniforms stood outside our door. They drove off in the same order & with the braying of trumpets. The heads of the maces sticking out of the carriage window on either side. Henry went to dine with the Admiral & I dined at home & spent the evening in writing. Visit from Topete Capt. of the Park.

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