0Saturday. 17th [March 1877]—Cadiz
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17 March 1877 — Cadiz
Saturday. 17th [March 1877]. Went by 9 o’cl train with Mr Reade the Consul who returned last night from England to Jerez to spend the day. We were met by Mr Lester the V. Consul who put us into his carriage & had us driven over the worst pavement I ever was over, to his house. It had a fine old gate way as an entrance wh must have been the gate of an old convent. We drove into a court yard with fine orange trees & went into the very comfortable house. Mrs Lester, a Spanish lady of middle age received us. We deposited our cloaks & drove off again to Mr Garvey’s bodegas to see the wine cellars. Two of the brothers were at home & showed us everything & made us taste some of the best wine. I excused myself for all except the Muscatel. They keep their wine in an enormous shed 200 yds long & the bung holes are open or loosely corked so that they can take wine out of any with a tube fixed to a cane. The Garveys are English subjects tho’ they speak with a foreign accent. We returned to Mr Lesters to take some lunch & met there Mrs Davis the wife of Mr Davis whom we once met at Gib. After lunch we went to see the bodegas of Mr Gonzalo y Ca wh are much larger than any one elses but the wine is not supposed to be so good. We then drove to see the church of S. Miguel a very fine gothic edifice—being restored. Beautiful proportions & fine wood retablo. Then to the station & took 3 o’cl train back to Cadiz arrived a little before 5. Visit from wife of Russian Consul Genl. Henry had visit from the provincial deputations, 2 gentlemen in white gloves.

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