0Sunday. 18th March [1877]—Cadiz
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18 March 1877 — Cadiz
Sunday. 18th March [1877]. Henry went with Mr Reade to lunch on board the “Minotaur” & I stayed in till they returned wh was not till abt 5 as after lunch Henry went to call on the Capts of the other ships. After 5 tea we got the carriage & took a drive & drove round the outside of the town by the sea where a fresh breeze was blowing & then returned to the town & left some cards on Consuls &c & to see the Dragon tree in the Botanical garden wh is said to be some hundred of years old & then we returned. Dined at 7.30 & as Henry had a bad cold & could not read I read out to him some of the Arabian nights. We had a visit from Topete saying he & the officers who lunched today on board wished to invite the Adl & Henry to a breakfast on Tuesday at this hotel– Also a message from the civil Govr saying the King would be at Cadiz the morning of the 21st Wedy– Later came Mr Reade again & then we went to bed– At that moment a military band came to serenade Mme Ratazzi but after playing one tune they departed. It rained in torrents in the night.

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