0Monday. 19th March [1877]—Cadiz
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19 March 1877 — Cadiz
Monday. 19th March [1877]. Henry’s cold was very bad so he sent an excuse to the Adl for dinner tonight– At 2 he went out with Mr Reade to return the visit of the Deputation Provincial at the Aduana & some other visits in the town– He returned abt 4 & I then went out to call on Mme Picardo & Miss Owens & found them in it being Mme R’s dia S. José. They have a very nice house with a patio & marble columns—but the maid who opened the door came with her hair ½ down being in the act of dressing it. Mme R. told me her father was English, her mother Mexican. She & her sister who were both dressed up, painted, & hair dyed yellow & done up in mountains, spoke English with a foreign accent, but fluently. I went on to call on Mme Fehleison the Russian Consul Genl’s wife & also found her. She has a nice house opposite the sea & was very polite but grumbled at Cadiz & its inhabitants. I then took a little drive & came back to the hotel. It was a showery day & blew so that Capt Cator with whom we were to have lunched wrote to say he advised us to put off going till tomorrow. We did not go out & in the evening I read the Arabian Nights aloud to Henry–

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