0Thursday. 22nd March [1877]—Cadiz
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22 March 1877 — Cadiz
Thursday. 22nd March [1877]. The weather is still stormy & the King is not to arrive before tonight. Hatzfeldt & Mr Kropf called for me in a splendid carriage with 2 laquais behind in the rumble. We were setting out for a drive when we saw the Adl & so Hatzfeldt got out & went back to see him. Mr K. & I went to leave a note for Henry & then went back again. At the door we found a crowd the Adl, Henry, Silvela & the Capt Genl. We picked up Hatzfeldt & set off to drive to the Lighthouse. We had to walk a good way from the entrance along a causeway wh went abt ¼ mile in the sea– When we arrived at the fort we were directed to the Govrs house & showed an order we had—his daughter a black eyed black haired brown faced girl called him & stood giggling with some girls—the Govr might have sat for the portrait of Sancho Panza so fat & jolly was he. He declared the light house was not to be seen on any acct as the Authorities had given a strict order &c &c On insisting a subordinate took our order—read it—disappeared & reappeared with the fat Govr who made many excuses & said he wd be happy to show us everything &c &c his daughter, her friends & their novios crowded round & offered to accompany us. The Govr there upon turned round & introduced them as “mi familia” at wh we supposed he had as many wives as any mussulman. We went up the tower & ½ way we rested in a room where refrescos were laid out ready for H.M. in case he came to visit the light house—the fat Govr gasping & rolling up his eyes sunk into a chair. We begged him to go no further & he assented—but we found he had come up when we stepped on the open platform from whence we got a good view of Cadiz. The last steps up into the lantern were narrow & steep but the Govr managed to get nearly up & the young ladies screamed with delight. When we got down we had to go to see the batteries of the fort & the Govr explained that he had only been 20 days at that post & had never yet tried to mount the lighthouse as he was told it was so fatiguing but that he was very proud of having managed it. We took leave & returned along the causeway but were caught by a sharp shower of rain & a puff of wind. We went to S. Francisco to see the Murillos– The St Catherine was covered up & we only saw the St Francis—then we went to the Cathedral & only to show Ct Hatzfeldt the Dragon tree & then came to the Hotel to tea. Ct H. came in– We had a visit from M. & Mme Mora– At 6 Mr Reade came & when we heard abt ½ past some cannon fire we went off (he & I) with Giovanni & Hill to see if we cd see the Spanish Squadron come in. We saw nothing & returned to the hotel—again we heard firing & again Mr Reade & I set out & we met Ct Hatzfeldt, Herr & Mme Kropf & went with them to a house wh was not inhabited to go up on the tower of it. It was locked but Mr Kropf called to his friends on the tower & they came down to open the door of the stables as they had only matches to light us on our way we suggested their bringing a candle wh they did & we got up safely. This tower was one of the highest in Cadiz & we had a lovely view of the bay– The Span: ships were just in so we saw nothing but a lime light thrown from the Aduana wh was too feeble to reach the town– A lime light from on board the “Minotaur” was thrown on the “Black Prince” & was very pretty. We had rather a useless journey & Mr Reade & I returned to dinner & found Henry anxiously expecting us. After dinner Hatzfeldt came in & Mr Reade went away early. Sr Silvela came for a few minutes & had tea. The King is to dine tomorrow on the “Minotaur” & to land at Cadiz at 11 this tomorrow morning.

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