0Friday. 23rd March [1877]—Cadiz
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23 March 1877 — Cadiz
Friday. 23rd March [1877]. Up early & at 9 Henry went off to see the Adl on board the “Minotaur” & at 11 they are to go together to pay the King a visit on board the “Victoria.” At 10.30 the Kropfs & Ct Hatzfeldt came to fetch me & took me to a house opposite the Aduana to see the King’s entry. He came in rather a shabby open carriage with a scarlet & gold fusty old coachman & with an escort of guardia civiles, followed by other carriages with the authorities & officials– There was little enthusiasm except from the ladies in the balconies who threw down old papers—flowers & doves. In the balcony of the Aduana opposite us was the notorious Mme Ratazzi in a white satin embroidered waistcoat & a lemon yellow bonnet with feathers. As soon as H.M. had entered the Aduana this balcony was cleared & the King came out to see 2 or 3 regiments march past. The troops could not be made to give many vivas & did not always respond to their officers & some officers did not even salute. Ct Hatzfeldt fetched Mme Kropf & me & we walked home to breakfast. I found Henry had had his. While having mine Mr Crawford called—then came Mr Brand with a furious note from the Adl asking for the names of the Spaniards who are to dine with him when Mr Reade came in & Henry asked him to follow Silvela who was with the King & find out. Mr Reade brought us a carriage so Henry & I went out for a drive but walked home from the Alameda– On arriving we found Hatzfeldt & Mme Kropf waiting to take me for a drive so I went out again with them & returned home in time for 5 tea. At 6 Henry & Hatzfeldt went off together to dine on board the “Minotaur” at a dinner given in honor of the King. He returned abt 11.30 & I waited for him. He said the dinner had been very successful. They dined 33—8 of whom were English– The King proposed the health of our Queen in a short English speech & the Adl the health of the King also in English.

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