0Monday. 2nd April [1877]—Madrid
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2 April 1877 — Madrid
Monday. 2nd April [1877]. Emilia Riaño arrived last night from Toledo & came to help me to pack. She was most active & useful as was Mme Comyn’s old English nurse Mrs Sergeantson who came to help Hill. After breakfast Emilia & I went out in the carriage I went to the dentist & then to Mme Montijo’s to bid her good bye & in the meantime Emilia did some shopping for me to get me a little mourning– Went home & packed & recd visits Mme & Isabel Silvela, Dss de la Torre, Genl Pavia, Clarita, the Bauers, Dk. of Fernan Nuñez, Genl Topete, Marquis of Guadalcazar, Caroline Bassecourt &c &c—& I was very much worn out when the eveng came. It was hot & abt 10 a tremendous thunderstorm raged so that Emilia Riaño went home in a deluge of rain.

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