0Thursday. 24th May [1877]—Therapia
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24 May 1877 — Therapia
Thursday. 24th May [1877]. The Genl & Henry went to Pera in the steam cutter to see the Sultan & did not return till nearly 3. I painted all the morning a rose bud. At 5 had to dress to go & dine at Pera with Ct Zichy the Austrian ambr. Mrs Baring came while I was dressing & sat in my room. At ¼ to 6 we went on board the Antelope & went down to Pera where we had a carriage to meet us. Found all the servants in grand get up & grand porter in cocked hat & with a staff with a silver crown on it & covered with a [illegible word] of silver lace– Cavasses, & Hungarian soldiers on ever other step. Nearly all the heads of missions were at the dinner. The Ct took me in & Henry took Pss Reuss. I had Ct Corti on the other side of me. We waited for some time for the Persian Ambr & had to sit down to table without him. He turned up later. We dined in a kind of interior ball room—a fine room. There was very fine plate especially a service of desert knives & forks very old & fine silver work. The dinner was good & over in 1½ hour notwithstanding we were some 30 people– After dinner the Austrian Consul Mr Felch played the piano a most brilliant performer. We had to leave early as we had to return to Therapia. We brought M. de Mony home. But we did not get home till 12.30. The Trieste mail came in this afternoon & we had the letter bag with us & got a lot of English letters.

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