0Saturday. 16th [June 1877]—Therapia
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16 June 1877 — Therapia
Saturday. 16th [June 1877]. Ct Zichy came & breakfasted with us. At 10 I & Miss Boyd started in the steam launch for Kadi-keui. We took abt 2 hours ½ to go down there. It was very hot. We saw the ships in the distance coming with the Egyptian troops. We went to Mrs Sandison’s & were met by Mme Bilinsky who took us to their house. After resting we walked out to call on the English ladies living at Kadi-keui. We did about 7 visits & then returned to Mrs Sandison’s & lunched. Directly after lunch we had to start off to pay more visits but we got a carriage to go in as it was hot. At abt 4.30 we left Kadi-keui & started home– In the Bosphorus we found the Egyptian transports just arrived & P. Hassan’s yacht was in front of his palace & his things were being disembarked. We got home just in time to be in shelter from a tremendous thunderstorm which lasted all the evening. Mr Gribble arrived to stay with us.

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