0Tuesday. 3rd [July 1877]—Therapia
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3 July 1877 — Therapia
Tuesday. 3rd [July 1877]. Had a headache & did not feel up to much. At 3 Mrs Hy & Mrs W. Hanson & Lady Kemball came & we had a committee for the Relief Fund & decided to undertake work for the Red Crescent. At 5 I went out to the garden had tea & laid down on the garden sofa. The Genl joined me there. Henry also came & sat with me, having had Said Pasha with him for 2 hours. We meant to have ridden but gave it up on acct of my headache. News that the Russians had been beaten totally in Asia & that the seige of Kars would be abandoned by them. After dinner we sat on the terrace at the back of the house till M. Negroponte came & carried Henry off. We had tea in the corridor, the Herberts, Radolinsky & M. du Chatel came to tea & we sat out on the terrace till 11.

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