0Friday. 3rd August [1877]—Therapia
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3 August 1877 — Therapia
Friday. 3rd August [1877]. Worked at machine—& practised guitar. At abt 12 a steamer containing English engineers & their families came under the Embassy & sang “God save the Queen” & then went off to the Khedive’s garden. We followed on foot & saw them all picnicing there under the trees. We arranged that at 3 they should come to the Embassy garden. The 2 Mrs Hansons came to play lawn tennis & Mlle Zarifi. Mr Graham came to call so we made him stay. I took the English children up to the top of the garden & then brought them back to the grove where we seated the children on the ground & gave them fruit & sirop & biscuits & sherry & beer to the parents. At 6 they went away & the Hansons went on playing lawn tennis. We had the Fawcetts, Henry, Hansons, M. Vauvineux & Ct Loresta, Mr Elliot, the Swedish Capt. & Dr Lucas dined with us. The Hansons returned to Candilli afterwards–

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