0Saturday. 4th [August 1877]—Therapia
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4 August 1877 — Therapia
Saturday. 4th [August 1877]. Bathed & wrote before breakfast. At 10.30 Major de Winton came & he & Miss Boyd & I went up stairs to sort & count all the beds & things which we have ready for the sick & wounded. We went on without stopping till lunch time. The Kashgar Envoy Yacup Khan & Capt Malloy came to lunch & Major de W. stayed lunch. The Envoy has just returned from a tour in England. He is a fine looking dignified man. He wore a white turban & a long green silk robe. After lunch we took him to the grove to smoke. We returned to the sorting till 4.30 when I went in the caique to Yeni-keui to call on Mme Allaverdi. She was out & I came straight home & sat in the grove had tea there & practised guitar while Henry, Miss B, Major de W. & Mr Elliot played lawn tennis. Mr Wrench came to call & joined us then. Major de Winton & Mr Smijth dined with us & we made bandages in the eveng. Count Corti came to tea. He brought a report that a Russian ship had been in the mouth of the Black Sea last eveng at 10 & sunk some merchant ships. Henry remembered have heard firing last night while on the balcony–

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