0Sunday. 5th August [1877]—Therapia
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5 August 1877 — Therapia
Sunday. 5th August [1877]. Woke with a sore throat and could not sing so I did not go to the service & Miss Boyd lead the singing. Mrs W. Hanson came over to church & stayed luncheon. Ct Zichy came to call & then the new M. for F.A. Mrs Hanson & Miss Boyd went over to the Helicon, Mr Graham came to fetch them. At 4.30 Henry & I went in the small caique to Buyukdéré to call on the Reuss and found them in. Great talk about the supposed attack of the Russian ship on the merchant vessels. It gets more confused & sounds more improbably but there are 3 large ironclads at Buyukdere with their steam up. Pss Reuss said they did not pray for the Sultan in their Embassy chapel because he is not a Christian! We went on to the Helicon & had tea with Capt. Stopford. Christich (Servian Dip Agent), Mr Maynard (American Minister) & Mr Tuckerman dined here besides members of Embassy. Made bandages in eveng.

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