0Monday. 31st [December 1877]—Constantinople
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31 December 1877 — Constantinople
Monday. 31st [December 1877]. Arthur went to church in the morng & afterwards we went down to arrange the drawing rooms a little. Giovanni was still unpacking. With Mrs de Winton & Arthur I arranged the drawing room. Had a dinner party. Raouf P., Mehemed Ali P. (late one of the Commanders in Chief of Army), Poluhm P., Said P. (Minister of Marine), Sandison, Genl, Arthur, Jocelyn, Jacub Khan (Envoy of Kashgar) & Capt. Malloy. We had a dance in the eveng but altho’ a great many people came the eveng was spoilt by Mme d’Ehrenhoff’s having given a dance also. Just before dinner Mrs W. Hanson came to see me & had a long talk to me abt her home & husband & I tried to do her good.—How I thank God for my happy marriage—knowing now 3 marriages which are not so & the parties all happening to be consulting me. We went to bed abt 1.30–

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