0Friday. 6th [January 1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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6 January 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 6th [January 1893]. I wanted to begin to paint but was not satisfied with my subject so gave it up & wrote letters instead. After lunch I went out with Henry in gondola to the Piazza. It was a lovely day & being the Feast of Epiphany there were crowds out & we wanted to hear the band play. When we got there we found a row going on– The gens d’armes & the soldiers called out & a great deal of excitement. We kept out of the crowd. We found it was “des occupati” clamouring for work & that they had pelted the band which had bolted. We returned home at 4. I practised the guitar for an hour & then Henry & I went to tea at the Dyers—met there Mr Penrice, Mr Innes Vine, & Bss Lansdowne 2 people who have come to settle here. Mr Vine wishes to buy a house– Mme Lansdowne has taken 1st floor of Pal. Morolin. Stella read to Henry upstairs in her room & I waited for him & we only returned by dinner time.

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