0Tuesday. 10th January [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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10 January 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 10th January [1893]. We had our meals upstairs in my studio as it was warmer there. The weather is still lovely. I wrote letters. After lunch went out with Henry to walk in the Piazza & I went to see Mrs Browning whom I found in bed—but I recommended her to get up as it seemed to me there is not much the matter with her. Very bad accounts of Css Marcello. She seems to be dying. Henry went to Ca’ Alvisi at 5 for Stella to read to him. I practised the harmonium after tea & then Ida Bel: came in. She & her husband called for me at 10 & took me to Baroness Haan’s evening party where I was pretty well bored & from which I was glad to come away.

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