0Monday. 16th January [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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16 January 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 16th January [1893]. I copied out for Henry his notes about Rassam’s case for libel against Mr Budge. Paolo went over to Mr Malcolm’s house & came back saying he had passed a very bad night—that Dr Cini had been in the morning & was so much alarmed that he had gone off for Dr Minich and they were to visit Malcolm in consultation at 11– I sent over to beg him to come on to us & abt 12 he came & told us that dear Malcolm was very gravamente animatato with a doppio pulmonidte inflammation in both lungs & that there is “poco spiranga” that all depends how he passes the next 2 or 3 days but that his heart has of late been so weak that there is little hope– We were dumbfounded & all day I have thought of little else– I had to finish copying for Henry & telegraphed & wrote to Countess Michiel at Florence also to Count Seckendorff & to Ola at Vescovana– It was a tremendously cold day & a hurricane blew. It was difficult to keep the fires alight or to warm ourselves. All over the house in spite of fires the thermometer was nowhere above 52º Fahr. It snowed in the morning & froze hard all day. There was no going out. We sent over in the afternoon when we saw Cini’s gondola at Mr Malcolm’s door & the answer was he was just the same. I had a long melancholy letter from Mrs Browning saying she was here & unwell & the husband & aunt gone to Asolo. She is evidently morbid & low. I wrote as well as I could to cheer her & promised to go & see her. Dined upstairs in the studio & went early to bed—a rough night.

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