0Tuesday. 17th January [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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17 January 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 17th January [1893]. Anxiety about Malcolm gave me a bad night—& I was greatly relieved to hear he was a little better this morning tho’ not out of danger. The fever is a little less. I spent the whole morning cleaning the old sewing machine & made it look like new. I went out with Henry after lunch—as the sun came out beautifully & it was much milder. At the Piazzetta I saw Mrs Browning’s gondola so I left Henry to go home in gondola & returned to the Piazza to look for Fannie Browning. She was in a shop with Mrs Hulton & came out. I invited her to dine with us at 7.30 & she agreed to come. I walked on to the Edens to see Carrie who is shut up with a cold & cough. From there I started off on foot to enquire for Malcolm. En route I met Mme Thode & enquired of her for old Princess Hatzfeldt who is laid up with cold—& was told she is better. Crossing the Campo S. Stefano I met Count Brandolin & on hearing my errand offered to accompany me. We found that Cini had not made his afternoon visit so I said I would send later. We walked to the traghetto of S. Samuele & he took me across to his house where I went in to see Ida Belmondo. She is still kept in by her sore throat & from her house I walked quickly home to tea at 5. Henry went to Stella’s to be read to. Mme Blaas called on me—also Ct Rucellai & then Mme Valmarana & later Mme Stefani. Mrs Browning dined with us & went home at 9. We dine still upstairs.

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