0Wednesday. 25th January [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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25 January 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 25th January [1893]. Had an agitated night. Up to breakfast at 9. At ½ past 10 Henry & I went to the English Church at S. Vio to be present at Malcolm’s funeral. We had a very full service all musical—the mourners & friends had seats provided for them—the rest of the church was cleared & the gondoliers of the Venetian families who came with lighted torches were ranged down towards the door. There were quantities of Malcolm’s men friends, agents—workmen & deputations from the Cadore– The day was fine & not so cold & Henry insisted upon going to the cemetery where the body was deposited until a tomb can be made & his brother’s is also to be moved. Mr Malcolm Dutton & his wife were at the funeral—Astolfi & Mme Padovan but we heard on our return home that Padovan himself had been struck with paralysis last night & had to be put to bed at Malcolm’s Palazzo! He is young & it is hoped he will recover in abt 10 days. I & Ola walked home accompanied by Belmondo & we waited lunch till Henry returned at 2. I could not sit to any thing but my work the rest of the day so Ola read aloud to me– Mr Woods came at 5 & had tea upstairs in the studio with us. Dined at 8 & patience.

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