0Saturday. 28th January [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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28 January 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 28th January [1893]. Stayed in bed till lunch in order to have a rest which I required—wrote letters & read. After lunch to which Mr Brown came Henry & I went out in gondola to call for Stella & Mrs Dyer and we went to walk in the Eden’s garden. We found it thawing & very sloshy walking. Mr Eden was there & walked with us. Came home to tea. Baroness Landauer came & Css Michiel. Latter told me Malcolm had arranged & had a paper drawn up to adopt Padovan & had never signed it. Ola & I went to the ball at the Palace given by the D. & Dss of Genoa– I danced the quadrille d’honneur with the Procuratore Santa Maria—& again in a Lancers viz a vis to the Dss of Genoa with Genl Mathieu. Went in to supper with the Count Papadopoli—& sat next the D. of Genoa. The ball was not very full—many keeping away out of respect to Css Marcello– We came home at 2.30 very tired.

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